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Compuchime Church & University Carillon Bell Products: Westminster Chimes, Church Bell Hymns
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About Church Bell Electronic Carillons


The Church Bell Carillon

Offered by CompuChime, this is a computer-based digital audio delivery system designed specifically for church bell sounds and music. Chimes, bell hymns, bell time strikes, peals, tolls, and Call To Worship bells are all provided with the CompuChime electronic bell system. Schedule Calendar

Many commands are available in the CompuChime carillon bell system to control when and how these sounds are used. In fact,
it is unlikely the user will ever need all the commands provided
by the CompuChime system.

Bell schedules may be created for control of sounds and music throughout the day with a one minute resolution. User defined bell schedules are easily assigned for specific days of the month or week by simply selecting the day of month or week in the schedule calendar and pressing the INSERT button on your keyboard.

This type of graphic interface simplifies bell scheduling using a one step process. Click the calendar button, select the day of month or week, and press the INSERT button. That's all there is to it.

An Electronic Carillon

An electronic carillon has many advantages over the church bell systems offered in past years. All music and bell sounds are digitally recorded thus preventing degradation of the music and sounds over time.

Digitally recorded audio files also avoid the mechanical problems experienced with older tape driven church bell carillon systems. Tape slippage and stretching were common problems in past carillon bell systems resulting in warble sounds when playing. These problems do not exist with digital recorded electronic bell carillons.

Reliability and longevity of electronic carillon systems has also been extended by
using a hard drive that only operates when a sound or song is being played. When the bell schedule is complete, the hard drive power is removed. This not only saves power, but extends the life of the hard drive 10 fold.

The CompuChime Electronic Bell Carillon

The CompuChime electronic bell carillon contains other enhancements not found in many high cost carillon bell systems.

The proprietary circuitry installed inside the carillon bell controller provides remote control, power control, atomic clock synchronization, sound mute, balanced audio interface, transient spike protection and many other features.

The remote control is ideal for worship music, worship videos, wedding peals and funeral tolls when instant bells, music and videos are needed on demand using the remote. The remote also provides control of your volume, CD, schedules, and power strip.

The versatility and specifics of this church bell carillon are too numerous for a detailed explanation.

Carillon Music CD's and Bell Files

Carillon music CD's and bell files are both supported by the CompuChime electronic bell carillon. This allows the customer to use music and bell sounds from old tape driven carillons, commercial carillon bell CD's, and bellsound music delivered with the CompuChime electronic carillon.

A variety of schedule commands are provided to play your music and bell sounds from a file stored on the hard drive or directly from the CD player. This is another example of the versatility of CompuChime.

Supported media types include MP3, WAV, AVI (Video), MIDI and CD formats with optional random selection of music from five different libraries.

If you have no bells, music or CD's, we provide a large assortment of music, bells, chimes, peals, tolls and worship bells for you to choose from. Our customers enjoy the convenient Bell Library provided on CompuChime website. This library contains new music and bells for easy download at any hour of the day or night.

Additional sources for worship videos and carillon CD's are located on our Links page.

Westminster Chimes

Westminster chimes are just one of the many chime selections provided with the CompuChime Carillon. Other chimes include Canterbury, Copenhagen, Dorking, Keighley, Norwich, Notre Dame, Winchester, and Whittington. Use

Sample Schedule

these chimes every hour, half hour and quater hour with or without
a bell strike time announcement.

If this is too much, create a bell schedule that plays your chime
just 2 or 3 times a day with optional time strike, followed by a
carillon hymn of your choosing or let the computer do a random
music selection for you.

The bell schedule possibilities are endless using the large variety
of commands provided by CompuChime.

Free Carillon Bell Music

Samples are available for your review on the Downloads: Music Samples and the Downloads: Clock Samples pages.

Brochures are available for download on the Downloads: Brochures page. There is an electronic brochure which is slide show presentation of our CompuChime products and also a printable brochure in the PDF format.

Music and all our products may be ordered from the Products & Prices page by credit card or by check. If you wish to pay by check, please send the payment to:

P.O. Box 8304
Fort Wayne, IN 46898

To contact our sales department with any questions or for additional information, please call:

(888) 823-5548
Monday through Friday
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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